11 Best Day Outing Places In Hyderabad That You Must Visit

Day outing places in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian state of Telangana, has recently been ranked as the seventh best city in India to live in by Forbes magazine, with the survey considering various factors such as economy, education, health, and quality of life. So, check out the best day outing places in Hyderabad that you must visit.

The city that was once famously known as the City of Pearls has developed and developed into one of the most exciting places to visit in India today.

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1. Sanjeevaiah Park Khairtabad

Sanjeevaiah Park is one of the best and most famous nature parks in Hyderabad. It is situated beside the Necklace road MMTs railway station. If you are an Indian then you must know that the park has a rich history.

Its lush greenery and its refreshing environment will rejuvenate you for sure. It offers stunning views of the cityscape. People can come and relax amid the refreshing quietness of the park. They have many areas like the cactus garden, bamboo garden, maze garden, science park, and the Tall Indian flag.

The park is home to a variety of flora and fauna, which makes it the perfect place for a nature walk or picnic. This park has more than 100 species of avian fauna, and resident and non-resident birds. During winter, you will be able to see many more species of migratory birds from around the world.

The park also has a playground and a water fountain, making it a great place for families, friends, and couples. There you can find more than fifty species of insects and butterflies and Pied Crested Cuckoo is the common bird of this park.

The most popular feature of this park is the wide array of roses here. Its rock garden and floral clock also captivate everyone. It is an ideal place for families to go and this is one of the best day outing places in Hyderabad.

There is the various area for children to play and adults can also play multiple games. The park is candidly called the best park in Hyderabad for couples. You will see a large number of couples who come here to sit and spend some quality time together in its beautiful surroundings.

It is also a common venue for many events, ranging from roller skating races to social awareness campaigns. This is one of the famous outing places in Hyderabad with family.

Sanjeevaiah Park Khairtabad Hyderabad addressHussain Sagar, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500003
Sanjeevaiah Park Khairtabad Hyderabad open timings9;00 am – 6:00 pm
Sanjeevaiah Park Khairtabad Hyderabad entry fee20 rupees per person
Sanjeevaiah Park Khairtabad Hyderabad

Google Review – Very big and nice Park for taking the family out. Picnic fun etc. Entry Rs 10 only and be there the whole day, be lazy, be whatever. Rose Garden is a great treat for your eyes. And the Huge huge flag of India is a star attraction. Enjoy guys!!

2. Lumbini Park

The city has a lot of parks, but Lumbini is one of the best places for day outings in Hyderabad. This place is very much recommended for family visits as it has many options for time to pass, like a laser show, boat ride, play area for children, adventure rides, shopping area, and snacks outlet.

Apart from the above, you can see the various stalls where you can find ice cream, soda, corn, and masala Puri. The place is very easy to access so if you want to connect to various parts of the city you can get into auto rickshaws as well.

It is one of the best principal attractions in Hyderabad for couples and families. The place got an outstanding vibe and a fountain part, and two, it has boat services to take you to the Buddha statue.

You can take the mechanized boat, which will give you time to savor the ride. You can take pictures of the Buddha statue and after that, you can come back to the park. This is one of the best day outing places in Hyderabad with friends.

Lumbini Park Hyderabad addressCF5F+X72, Opposite Secretariat New Gate, Hussain Sagar, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana
Lumbini Park Hyderabad open timing9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Lumbini Park Hyderabad ticket price20 rupees for adults & 10 for children
Lumbini Park Hyderabad

Google Review – It is active by evening mostly. Boating the Buddha statue is an attraction. You can hire a speed boat privately It is not so clean and the water is smelly. Could have been well maintained. Nothing much to enjoy. But, laser shows, musical fountains, etc were written as attractions.

3. Snow World – Places To Visit

The Snow World comes among the top 10 biggest and the first snow-themed parks in India. It is an outstanding place to beat the scorching heat of summer. Snow world has entertainment for everyone and it snows throughout the year. Snow World is quite popular among locals and tourists alike.

Snow World sees fresh three tonnes of snow added every day for its myriad attractions and is a place enjoyable for adults and children alike with various games and activities such as ice skating, ice boarding, snow slides with bumping-car, toboggan rides, and many more.

It offers callers an experience of snow- sheathe hill station with snow falling from over and amazing geographies. audacious sports like touring up the pitch with numerous other people make your visit indeed more instigative.

Along with this, other conditioning Games like Snow volleyball, Snow Merry- Go- Round, snow basketball, and Snow Dancing are relatively popular. You’ll also find Snow puppets and snow mountains then.

There is also an iced Zone that showcases a natural snowscape comprising igloos and alpine trees along with simulated polar bears and penguins. In the iced zone, there is a special snow play area for children. Many interesting rides have the potential to turn any kid here into the happiest kid in the world.

Choose your rides by knowing about them completely and keeping your health in mind. One snow session at snow world lasts for one hour. You are required to reach the venue half an hour before the session starting time.

This is a good place to go when you want to hang out with your friends and family. Warm clothes are required to be worn when inside the cold snowy world. It is also very important to check your safety always while enjoying yourself. This is one of the best places for team outings in Hyderabad.

Snow World Hyderabad addressSurvey No. 54, Lower Tank Bund Rd, Lower Tank Bund, Kavadiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana
Snow World Hyderabad open timing11:00 am to 9:00 pm
Snow World Hyderabad entry fee600 rupees for adults and 450 for Children
Snow World Hyderabad

Google Review – Good experience during summer. We have been there taking bigger packages along with a one-hour snow experience. The remaining are not that great. Photos are okay. It is worth visiting for new bees in Hyderabad. Infant kids are not allowed by taking the height of kids from the entrance. Management is also fair enough. Facilities can be improved a lot. Whatever it is a good experience for sure.

4. Nehru Zoological Park

Day outing places in Hyderabad
Day outing places in Hyderabad

Nehru Zoological Park is must visit a place for a family outing in Hyderabad. The place is located in Bahadurpura, which is far from the city. The park is situated in an immense area, so it is difficult to choose a toy train or electric vehicle to trip to the zoo.

The place has many animals there like lions, tigers, elephants, deer, crocodiles, foxes, cheetahs, different birds, snacks, and all the small animals are also can be seen in this zoo at a low cost. This is one of the best day outing places in Hyderabad.

Inside the park, you will also find food places where you can sit and fill your tummy with delicious north Indian and south Indian dishes. So, if you are browsing for a weekend outing in Hyderabad for friends, then this is the place you should be.

Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad addressNH 44, Bahadurpura, Hyderabad, Telangana 500064
Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad open timing8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad ticket price50 INR for adults and 30 INR for children
Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad

Google Review – Nehru Zoological Park is great for fun and the perfect place to enjoy the weather. The animals are well-cared for, and there’s always something going on. I’m so glad I was able to get my entire family in for last month by taking out a voucher from there!

5. Jalavihar WaterPark

If you are looking for the best places in Hyderabad for couples, then you should blindly visit the Jalavihar Water park. It is an outstanding place in Hyderabad for family, friends, and couples to explore. Jalavihar water park was integrated in the year 2007, beside Sanjeevaiah Park.

The water park is committed to offering an unforgettable experience and the safest environment for families, friends, and couples. If you are browsing for places to visit near Hyderabad within 50 kms, then this is the place you should be.

Jalavihar Water Park has many playgrounds for adults to kids. They offer attractions and an exciting play area like Twister Slide, Double tube ride, Rain Dance, Crazy Ride, Wave pool, children’s water play area, and tube riding. This is one of the best places to visit in Hyderabad for couples.

Jalavihar WaterPark Hyderabad address22/9, PV Narasimha Rao Marg, Hussain Sagar, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana
Jalavihar WaterPark Hyderabad open timing11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Jalavihar WaterPark Hyderabad ticket price3 Feet or Above 3 Feet Height Rs.350 Per Person &
Kids Below 3 Feet Height Rs.250 Per Person
Jalavihar WaterPark Hyderabad

Google Review – It’s good to have fun but u need a whole day to enjoy it greatly. It has limited raids but is good to have fun. Entry ticket for adults is 350 and for children is 250 as of now and we have to pay money for a few land rides inside it but all water rides are free. You can have unlimited fun.

6. KBR National Park

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park or KBR park is located in Hyderabad city’s most famous place, the Jubilee Hills area. The place is also known as Chiran Fort Place and it was declared a national park in Hyderabad in the year of 1988 by the government.

It is a park where they have preserved the rawness of nature, so if you love the adventure or natural environment, then this is the place you should be. In this place, you will not find artificial landscaping, which is what makes it so beautiful. Here you will have air that is so unbelievably fresh with a sweet scent.

It makes you want to keep coming back. It is one of the best places for photoshoots in Hyderabad for free. The only constructed things include- paths, boards, and seats. It is like going on an adventure in a place relatively untouched by man. It has so many peacocks, butterflies, birds, owls, etc (day outing places in Hyderabad).

Kasu Brahmanandha Reddy National Park addressRoad No. 2, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034
Kasu Brahmanandha Reddy National Park open timing5:00 AM – 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Kasu Brahmanandha Reddy National Park entry fee20 rupees for adults and 10 for kids
Kasu Brahmanandha Reddy National Park

Google Review – Want to be close to nature.. this is your place. It’s just so peaceful.. we went on a rainy day and it was so green and beautiful. You can just relax and listen to the bird’s sounds.. a nice jogging track and open gym. Full of peacocks. You would definitely of them.

7. NTR Gardens – Places For Outing In Hyderabad

If you are looking for good places to visit in Hyderabad for family or kids, then you must check in to the NTR Garden. It is a well-maintained park and has many rides and fountains where you can enjoy yourself. The most highlighted of the park is the bonsai garden.

The park is not only famous for its rides, fountains, and greenery, but it is also famous for its food and beverages. Yes! there are many stalls available where you can have the best fast foods and street foods in Hyderabad. It is the best Sunday outing place in Hyderabad for families.

NTR Gardens Hyderabad addressNTR Marg, Central Secretariat, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
NTR Gardens Hyderabad open timing9:00 am – 9:00 pm
NTR Gardens Hyderabad ticket priceINR 20 for adults and INR 10 for children
NTR Gardens Hyderabad

Google Review – Good place to visit in Hyderabad apart from the concrete jungle. There are many new things added and the combo train ticket is a new one among them. It includes 3 additional entries to utilize for entries. The water show along with the lights is very nice and KIDS will enjoy it for sure.

8. Golconda Fort – Picnic Spot

Day outing places in Hyderabad
Day outing places in Hyderabad

Golconda fort is the best tourist spot in Hyderabad and it’s a must-visit place if you are into history or like to visit historical places. It is also the place even if you’re planning for a one-day trip to Hyderabad.

It is the place of our historical culture that people like to visit here, to know about our history. Many parents come here with their children to show them and teach them about the history of this country.

In this place, you can visit with your friends, family, kids, or solo and you can find travel guidance they will show and explain to you very well about the history of the Golconda to Char Minar. The area of the fort is large, which requires over two-three hours. This is one of the best day outing places in Hyderabad.

Golconda fort offers an outstanding view of the entire city of Hyderabad once you will reach the top of the fort. Also, you can realize and sound show in the evening, and it is musical and keeps you glued to your sit till the end. It is a must-visit place for couples in Hyderabad in the evening.

Golconda Fort Hyderabad addressKhair Complex, Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008
Golconda Fort Hyderabad open timing9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Golconda Fort Hyderabad ticket priceIndians: Rs. 25 & foreigners 300 Rs. per person.
Golconda Fort Hyderabad

Google Review – Truly, a beauty of Indian heritage. I would suggest hiring a guide to understand the logic behind every conrner’s construction. Don’t forget to have a water bottle and an umbrella or cap. Suggest evening time to enjoy the water fountain in the fort.

9. Krishna Kanth Park – Picnic places in Hyderabad

An outstanding park located in Jawahar Nagar, Hyderabad. Krishna Kanth Park is having enormous popularity because of its outstanding design of the trees, variety of plantations, play zones for kids, benches to sit on, and flowers.

People here come to enjoy themselves and also bring their children to play at play zones. The park has a tiny lake too and while it flourishes during the monsoon, it’s not an awful sight to catch on a hot day too. If you are looking for a day outing in Hyderabad, then it is one of the best choices to visit.

Especially you will see more crowds between six-eight pm because this time no need to pay for entry. This is one of the best team outing places in Hyderabad for sure.

Krishna Kanth Park Hyderabad addressStreet Number 4, Jawahar Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500045
Krishna Kanth Park Hyderabad open timing5:00 am – 9:00 pm
Krishna Kanth Park Hyderabad entry feeINR 20 per person
Krishna Kanth Park Hyderabad

Google Review – This is a very big place. Here everyone goes on morning and evening walks and separate children’s games and Gym also available in this place. Very good climate neat and clean place. Some Times here bad smell disappoints us because dump yard beside the park. The remaining everything is okay.

10. Chowmahalla Palace – Hyderabad City tour

Many people love to visit historical and museum places in different cities in India or the world. Chowmahalla Palace is one of the best historical places in India, located in the city’s heart. It is one of the most epic places to visit in Hyderabad.

Once you will visit this palace in Hyderabad, you think that how was the lifestyle of the Nawab Nizam family. Because the place shows the royal lifestyle of the Nizams family. The place is well maintained and helps our present generation to see the beautiful collections.

From the collection of vintage cars, lights, swords n kitchen items, and delicate teapots and cups. Their beautiful ethnic wear n curtains and guns collection has many more to explore. The place has an enormous area to see. Almost it will take over 2 hours to cover.

Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad address Motigalli, Khilwat, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002
Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad open timings10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad ticket price Rs.80 per person for Indians & 200 for foreign tourists
Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad

Google Review – Last week I visited the Chowmahlla Palace. This palace took away my tiredness for the whole day. The palace is unique in its style and elegance. Construction of the palace began in the late 18th century and over the decades a synthesis of many architectural styles and influences emerged. If you travel to Hyderabad, must visit this palace.

11. Salar Jung Museum

If you are planning to visit Hyderabad, then this will be the priority of a tourist. It is an art museum in Hyderabad located in Dar-Ul-Shifa which is on the southern bank of the Musi river. The place was established in the year of 1951 and all the arts are coming from the Salar Jung family.

This is one of the largest museums in the world. The whole place requires a full day to be explored completely, so do come prepared. There are lots of artifacts and many things from different parts of the world like China, Japan, etc.

There are halls with statues that are just beautiful. There is also a collection of clocks and one singing clock which is up for display and can be seen functioning. There is also a magnificent collection of ceramic cutlery and utensils which are just amazing.

Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad addressSalar Jung Rd, near Minar Function Hall, Darulshifa, Hyderabad, Telangana
Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad open timing10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad entry fee10 Rs for Indians & 150 Rs for foreigners per person
Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad

Google Review – Good place to visit, especially for kids because they can learn more about Ancient India. The entry tickets are also pocket friendly. Well maintained. It is Closed every Friday, It is suggested to visit the museum during the morning hours because it takes time to take a tour of the whole museum.

Resorts For Day Outing In Hyderabad

Here is the top famous list of resorts for day outings in Hyderabad – 1. Lahari Resorts 2. Vishal Prakruthi Resorts – Resort for Day Outing in Hyderabad 3. Brown Town Resort, Spa & Convention | Top Best Luxury Resort in Hyderabad | Day outing resort | Wedding resorts in Hyderabad 4. Rainbow Resorts 5. Leonia Holistic Destination.

Top picnic spots near Hyderabad within 100 km

If you are looking for a picnic spot near Hyderabad, you can consider the locations listed below – 1. Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park 2. Jalavihar WaterPark 3. Durgam Cheruvu Secret Lake Park 4. Butterfly Garden 5. Jalagam Vengalrao Park 6. Hussain Sagar Lake

Famous places to visit near Hyderabad within 150 km

Here is the list of places to visit near Hyderabad within 150 km – 1. Kasu Brahmanandha Reddy National Park (KBR) 2. Krishna Kanth Park 3. NTR Gardens 4. Sanjeevaiah Park Khairtabad 5. Snow World

Best picnic spots near Hyderabad within 200 km

If you are looking for a picnic spot near Hyderabad, you can consider the locations listed below. Each of these locations has a variety of features that make it a great option for a fun day out with friends. Here is the list of best picnic spots near Hyderabad within 200 km – 1. Himayat Sagar Lake Picnic Area, 2. Nehru Zoological Park 3. Fox Sagar Lake 4. Ocean Park 5. Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park.

Which is the coolest place in Hyderabad?

Snow World is the best coolest place in Hyderabad.

How can I spend a day out in Hyderabad?

Spending a day out in Hyderabad is very easy. The city has many places to explore. you can spend your day visiting parks, resorts, museums, and hotels.

Where can I make out in Hyderabad?

Golconda fort, Char Minar, and Hussain Sagar Lake is the best option for a day outing in Hyderabad.

What are the outskirts of Hyderabad?

Here are the top 5 outskirts places of Hyderabad –
1. Ananthagiri Hills
2. Nagarjuna Sagar
3. Rachakonda
4. Pakhal Lake and Wildlife Sanctuary
5. Nalgonda

Which is the best day outing resorts in Hyderabad with prices?

There are many day outing resorts in Hyderabad for families. here is the list of day outing resorts in Hyderabad with prices –
1. Pragati resorts
2. Aalankrita resort
3. Brown Town Resort & Spa
4. Celebrity Resorts

Which is the best farmhouse for day outing in Hyderabad?

According to my opinion, Lake Berry Farmhouse, DewDrop Party Farm, and Hornbill Farm Retreat will be the best farmhouse for day outing in Hyderabad.

What will be the day outing packages in Hyderabad?

In Hyderabad is become a Hitech city in India, So if you are looking for day outing packages in Hyderabad, then it will be more than 4k approx.

Best day outing places in Hyderabad

Day outing places in Hyderabad
Day outing places in Hyderabad

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you have found the best outing places in Hyderabad to explore. If you have any queries then please contact me with this mail id – contact@asruptravels.com. I will be so happy to see your message in my inbox. Thanks in advance.