South India

Traveling to South India as a foreigner is easier than ever before. A growing number of cities boast gleaming new metro systems and are linked by faster highways and speedier, more comfortable trains. Affordable but extravagant hotels and thriving restaurants in modern cities like Mumbai, and Bangalore make India an attractive place to visit.

However, over twenty percent of India’s inhabitants remain below the poverty line. No other nation on earth has slum settlements on the scale of those in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, nor so many malnourished children, uneducated women, and homes without access to clean water and waste disposal.

But for all its jarring juxtapositions, paradoxes, and frustrations, India remains an utterly interesting destination. For those asking why travel to India, trust us when we say its distinctive patina casts a spell that few forget from the moment they step off the plane. Love it or hate it, Indian travel will shift the way you see the world.