Best Unsung Heroes Of Cafes In South Mumbai 2022

Hey! are you looking for the best unsung heroes of cafes in South Mumbai? Wow! what a coincidence now, you are here. Yes! in this blog article we specially take you through the most famous and top-quality cafes in south Mumbai. I am sure that, these are below listing will give you the most fantastic experience ever.

If you are Indian, then you know Mumbai was formerly known as Bombay. It is the most famous and populated and largest city on India’s west coast. Mumbai has many eye-catching places where you can visit and spend your quality time.

The city is famous for its most popular waterfront stands the iconic Gateway of India stone arch, it was made by the British Raj in the year of 1924.

The city is also popular in Bollywood film Industry and Elephanta Island holds ancient cave temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, and the city’s distinctive ensemble of Victorian and Art déco buildings designed in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Cafes In South Mumbai

01. Cafe Universal

So, in this article, we have mentioned the most popular cafe in Mumbai, which is Cafe Universal. Yes! this is the place if you haven’t visited yet then you must visit after reading this blog. Cafe Universal is located at Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd, Opp. Geo Chem Laboratories, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai.

The cafe is designed perfectly and the most important thing in this cafe is the ambiance and vibe that is out of the mark. Especially if you want to visit with your friends or your better half, then you must inform the staff before you visit to get an outstanding surprise.

Now let’s talk about the foods regarded in this cafe. Yes! they are offering Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, and Middle Eastern cuisine of foods. Also, they are offering enormous drinks selections on the menu. So, you can order according to your choice of foods and drinks to enjoy.

Have work to get done on your cell phone or laptop while having a meal? This outstanding Cafe Universal also provides Wi-Fi for clients, so they are capable of continuing with their issues without being worried about Internet traffic. Besides that, such highlights as kids’ room and food conveyance are advertised.

Must-Try – Dhansak, Beef Burger, Chicken Burger, Grilled Chicken, Burgers.

Cafe Universal Mumbai locationShahid Bhagat Singh Rd, opp. Geo Chem Laboratories, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Cafe Universal Mumbai timing11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Cafe Universal Mumbai’s contact number+912222613985/+912222694893
Cafe Universal Mumbai menu price₹1,100 for two people approx without alcohol
Cafe Universal Mumbai

Google Review – Had a very great time here! No words can describe how awesome of an experience had! The food was tasty and presented well and the ambiance was beautiful too!

The owners Mr.Ustad and his Wife are Gems!!! I happened to misplace my masks and when they realized that I was searching for them, they gave me a new one instead. I will visit this place again!

02. Bake House Cafe

Bake House Cafe, in the city’s core of Mumbai. It is a comfortable pretty looking spot in the by-paths of Fort. The atmosphere is a reward, an exemplary and rare, 80s-period vibe. You’ll fall head over heels for the tasteful insides, which have a rare and tasteful look and set your disposition with slow music that plays, particularly assuming you visit it in the evening.

Their veg lasagna is probably the blockbuster and I vouch for it as the vegetables were impeccably cooked and finished off with ideal sheets of pasta loaded with flavorful mozzarella cheddar and sauce. Bake House is one of the best cafes in South Mumbai.

The spot offers truly comfortable energy alongside extraordinary food, an astonishing spot at Fort to hang out. Bakehouse Cafe, continuously thinking back it for the flavorful food. The spot offers truly comfortable energy alongside incredible food, an astonishing spot at Fort to hang out. This is one of the best cafes in South Mumbai.

Must-Try – Organic Cold Coffee, Melon Salad, Eggs Florentine, Pesto Sandwich, Lebanese Platter, Gooey Chocolate Brownie, Chicken Tacos, Pasta.

Bake House Cafe Mumbai locationChamber of Commerce Ln, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Bake House Cafe Mumbai timing08:30 am – 12:00 am
Bake House Cafe Mumbai contact number+912222020145/+912222020146
Bake House Cafe Mumbai menu price₹1,500 for two people approx
Bake House Cafe Mumbai

Recent Google Review – We loved the Bakehouse Cafe. A very cozy aesthetic cafe with a calm and relaxing vibe.
A small getaway from the main road near Kala Ghoda in Mumbai. Warm and friendly service with excellent food. We enjoyed every bite of each dish.

03. Kala Ghoda – Best Cafe in South Mumbai

In an amazing place in Mumbai. Kala Ghoda is providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are hosting with the Italian, Continental and they are ready to give the best test ever & this also comes from the top 10 cafes in Mumbai.

Kala Ghoda cafe has a great ambiance and is decorated. They offer the best chairs and tables where you can have the best time with your friends, family, and special someone. The cafe is also providing takeaway food cafes in South Mumbai).

Must-Try Dishes: – Chicken Salad Sandwich, Almond Cake, Chicken Schnitzel, Egg Sandwich, Iced Latte, Mint Tea.

Kala Ghoda Cafe Mumbai location 10 Rope Walk Lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Kala Ghoda Cafe Mumbai timing08:00 am – 11:00 pm
Kala Ghoda Cafe Mumbai contact number9833803418/022 2265 0195
Kala Ghoda Cafe Mumbai menu price₹400 approx for two at Kala Ghoda Cafe
Kala Ghoda Cafe Mumbai

Recent Google Review: – The cafe has such a nice ambiance. The cappuccino is amazing. They also provide a small piece of dark chocolate which is a cherry on top of the coffee. The Sali Per Eeda was delicious and filling. This is a must-visit cafe where you can grab a nice cup of coffee, and breakfast and sit for hours.

04. Starbucks Cafe – Best Coffee Shops In South Mumbai

Cafes in South Mumbai
Cafes in South Mumbai

Are you looking for famous coffee shops in South Mumbai? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the Starbucks cafe. It is located in the Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, just behind the opposite Gateway in India.

We should not talk about the quality of the Starbucks cafe. If you are a coffee lover, then you have visited Starbucks for sure. Also, you have aware of the ambiance, vibes, and texture of the coffee as well. This is one of the best coffee shops in South Mumbai to visit.

Must-Try Dishes: – Iced Caramel Macchiato, Choco Muffin, Mushroom Pie, Blended Coffee, Mocha Frappuccino, White Chocolate Mocha.

Starbucks Cafe Mumbai locationHotel Taj Mahal Palace, opp. Gateway of India, Apollo Bandar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005
Starbucks Cafe Mumbai timing08:00 am – 10:30 pm
Starbucks Cafe Mumbai contact number+919167268291
Starbucks Cafe Mumbai menu price₹600 for two people approx
Starbucks Cafe Mumbai

Recent Google Review – This outlet among the others is quite big. The ambiance is soothing. It can be enjoyed with family, friends, or even alone. It serves delicious food and coffee. My recommendation would be hazelnut coffee.

05. Leopold Cafe

Leopold is one of the oldest Irani cafes in Mumbai, which is over a century years old. The place is enormously popular with tourists and foreigners. The place opens early morning so you can have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. But before you visit this cafe, reserve a table to get tables without waiting for it.

They are providing a wide range of menu list which includes Italian, Continental, and Chinese. The quantity of food they serve is that value for the money. If you visit this iconic cafe, you must try their beef chili fry with fried rice.

They are also providing a separate place to seat for couples. The staff is well-trained and engaging. I am sure you will love this place to have great food and beverages from a culinary expert. Leopold is of the most famous cafe in South Mumbai that you should visit thinking nothing.

Must-Try Dishes: – Draught Beer Tower, Walnut Pie, Beef Chilli, Chocolate Ecstasy, Chicken Poppers, Cappuccino Coffee.

Leopold Cafe Mumbai locationOpp Olympia Coffee House, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Leopold Cafe Mumbai timing07:30 am – 12:00 am
Leopold Cafe Mumbai contact number07:30 am – 12:00 am
Leopold Cafe Mumbai menu price₹1200 approx For two at Leopold Cafe & Bar
Leopold Cafe Mumbai

Recent Google Review: – Leopold cafe never disappoints you with the taste and suggestions from their staff. The staff is very helpful and quick enough to serve and take care of your instructions. Taste is always good for ages, and they have maintained it over the period. So you are craving good food, and good service, this is the place you can rely on.

06. Olympia Coffee House Mumbai

If you are living in Mumbai and you are a food lover, then you must have heard about the Olympia Coffee House. The coffee shop is in Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Scindia Society, Police Colony, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai.

It is one of the oldest coffee shops in India as well as Mumbai. it’s been over 108 years. The place is most famous for Mughlai and the cozy ambiance. If you are hungry and you are in Colaba, then this is the place where you need to visit. Must visit a place for no veg lovers (Best cafe in South Mumbai).

Must-Try Dishes: – Draught Beer Tower, Walnut Pie, Beef Chilli, Chocolate Ecstasy, Chicken Poppers, Cappuccino Coffee.

Olympia Coffee House Mumbai locationShahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Scindia Society, Police Colony, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai
Olympia Coffee House Mumbai timing07:00 am – 11:50 pm
Olympia Coffee House Mumbai contact number+912222021043/+912222045220
Olympia Coffee House Mumbai menu price₹500 for two people approx
Olympia Coffee House Mumbai

Recent Google Review: – Food was awesome Price is extremely cheaper as compared to the prices of SOBO, Must Visit Place when you are in Colaba, Mumbai, One of my favorite food restaurants in Mumbai.

07. Krupa’s Coffee Guy

Cafes in South Mumbai
Cafes in South Mumbai

Krupa’s cafe is located in Breach Candy, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai. Krupa’s famous for its ambiance and decor. They offer outstanding ambiance and have great vibes, especially in the evening. If you are on a date and want to spend quality time then must Krupa’s. this is the best cafe in South Mumbai for a date.

They are also offering tremendous food and beverage selections on the menu. So you can pick your favorite dishes to have and enjoy your best time here. This is the best place to party and hang out with friends In Mumbai (Coffee Shops In South Mumbai).

Krupa’s Coffee Guy Mumbai locationXR93+2CM, Breach Candy, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026
Krupa’s Coffee Guy Mumbai timing09:00 am – 11:00 pm
Krupa’s Coffee Guy Mumbai

Google Review – Really good place they have amazing Cold Coffee !! Opposite Tata garden and next to Belgian Waffles. You get a coconut water and an Oreo milkshake also. Must visit !!

08. Mag St – Cafes in South Mumbai

In this article, we talk about the Best cafes in South Mumbai, right? So, how can we forget to discuss the Mag St Cafe in Mumbai? This is the place where you can get huge vibes all the time. So, before you visit, make sure you should reserve a table to avoid waiting.

They offer mind-blowing ambiance and well-decorated chairs and tables. They also offer a ground floor and an upper floor, so ample seating. It’s located in the by-lanes of Colaba very close to the Taj Mahal Palace. They have valet parking, so you don’t have to worry about parking.

Must-Try Dishes: – Draught Beer Tower, Walnut Pie, Beef Chilli, Chocolate Ecstasy, Chicken Poppers, Cappuccino Coffee.

Mag St Cafe Mumbai locationShahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Scindia Society, Police Colony, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai
Mag St Cafe Mumbai timing07:00 am – 11:50 pm
Mag St Cafe Mumbai contact number+912222021043/+912222045220
Mag St Cafe Mumbai menu price₹500 for two people approx
Mag St Cafe Mumbai

Google Review – Mag St Cafe is located in one of the lanes in Colaba. It’s very hygienic and clean. We ordered the bagel and an open sandwich along with an iced latte, chocolate milkshake, and fresh lime soda.

The chocolate milkshake was very bland but they were nice enough to replace it immediately. You’ll get freshly baked products and a good variety of savory options!

09. Zen Cafe – Cafe for couples in South Mumbai

This is an excellent or best Cafe in South Mumbai to go. They offer a great ambiance and excellent food variety, incredible taste, exceptional service, and perfect pricing.

For the experience that you have here and the quality of the food that they serve, they could certainly afford to charge more but the fact that they have such affordable pricing makes Zen Cafe one of the places you can visit frequently and one of the best places you can go to in general.

The ambiance and atmosphere in the restaurant are very comfortable and relaxing as well. The staff members are prompt, kind, hospitable, and welcoming. I would certainly recommend Zen Cafe to anybody.

Must try the hot chocolate with almond milk and the chocolate croissant. This is one of the best and most authentic cafes in South Mumbai for couples.

Must-Try Dishes: – Belgian Hot Chocolate, Sushi Platter, Coffees, Hummus, Salad.

Zen Cafe Mumbai locationFort Foundation Building, Bake House Ln, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Zen Cafe Mumbai timing10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Zen Cafe Mumbai’s contact number+919167768950/+912222835369
Zen Cafe Mumbai menu price₹800 for two people approx
Zen Cafe Mumbai

Google Review – Wonderful place to eat, chill, vibe, and work at the same time. I came here for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised by this cafe. Quiet place with nice ambient music, extremely hospitable and welcoming staff, and nice food. I would recommend this to all my friends.

10. Qutuz Irani Cafe

Best Cafes in South Mumbai
Best Cafes in South Mumbai

A cafe started by an Iranian family and still serving Irani dishes to its patrons is a rarity in Mumbai. Qutuz Irani Café is an iconic cafe in the city of Mumbai.

It started when India got independence from the British and has been serving the people of Mumbai since then. This eatery has come up with an innovative concept of maintaining its traditional Irani ways while adapting to Mumbai’s fast-paced lifestyle.

One can find classic Irani dishes like Bun Maska and Mutton Kheema Pav and others. This is one of the best Irani cafes in South Mumbai for friends.

Address – Shop No. 191, R W G, Ganesh Nagar, Near, Old Link Rd, Ekta Nagar, Kandivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

10 Undeniable & Best Unique Cafés in Mumbai To Surprise

Looking for the best & unique cafe in Mumbai to have a great time in a great place? Then, you are in the right place, because the city has uncountable cafes, but I have just listed the top 10 cafes in Mumbai to visit.

Mumbai is well known for its traditional and attractive view of the cafes. Where you can visit with your family, friends, and special someone or who can bring some extra boost to your life.

Cafes in Mumbai List

Please find below some of the best & famous breakfast cafes in South Mumbai –

  1. Kala Ghoda Cafe – Good cafes in Mumbai
  2. Cafe Ideal – Cute Cafes in Mumbai
  3. Mag St Cafe Mumbai –
  4. Cafe Universal – Best Cafe ins Mumbai
  5. MADRAS CAFE – Best Cafes in South Bombay
  6. Bake House Cafe – Best Cafes in Bombay
  7. Kuckeliku Breakfast House – Best Breakfast Cafes in South Mumbai
  8. Bay View Cafe – Top Cafes in Mumbai
  9. Leopold Cafe – Old cafe in South Mumbai
  10. Cafe Excelsior – Famous Cafe in South Mumbai
  11. The Nutcracker Mumbai
  12. Cafe Military Mumbai
  13. Café Coffee Day Mumbai
  14. Grandmama’s Cafe, Dadar East
  15. Cafe Paris Mumbai
  16. Modern Cafe Mumbai
  17. Cafe Reed Mumbai
  18. Cafe Basilico – Colaba
  19. Cafe Noir, Mumbai
  20. Cafe Mysore, Mumbai

Which are the best cafes in South Mumbai?

There are many cafes in South Mumbai but it is really difficult to find the best cafes. According to me Kala Ghoda cafes, Leopold, and you can find more.